Food 4 Life

During the original 2003 SWOT Analysis with the 200 Home Based Caregivers school drop out rates and failing at school and especially matriculation was identified as issues that broke the caregivers hearts. The Orphan and Vulnerable children would not do their homework due to lack of adult support, start missing school because they were failing, keep failing because they were missing school. We actually now have children drop back into school just so they can be a part of our program and because of the support start succeeding well.

The Government schools pass rate for Limpopo is 62% averaged over 10yrs. Keep The Dream196 pass rate averaged for 10yrs is 90%. A majority of our children have gone on to tertiary education because of their achievements at high school. The children are perusing their dreams of becoming doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, actualists, naturalists, chartered accountants, engineers (chemical, mechanical and civil), fitters and turners, Electricians, plumbers etc.

The graduates are adding to the tax base, they are breaking the poverty cycles for their families and their

communities. In order to participate in our program every child has to be attending school. We actually have some kids drop back into school after being a part of our program for a very short period of time. When they realize it’s a pre-condition to attending the program they opt back in to school and do exceptionally well.

As you can see from the graph in 2012 (the year of the general strike) and 2013 (the year textbooks were not delivered to some of our schools and a tragic impact on the students and many failed. A majority of our learners are receiving Bachelor entry to university. In a majority of our children we have noticed a tendency to return and upgrade their results by re-sitting their matric in order to qualify for university or to improve their chances of employment. Education has become a prized commodity and a route out of poverty. We have also noticed that our learners utilizing their community service and involvement in community programs as leverage for employment and also university entrance which is very satisfying for them and for us.

It had come to KTD196’s attention that students in these years where waking at 0200 and cramming information in, not sleeping effectively, not eating effectively and not resting their brains properly. The studies skills course emphasized the need to eat properly especially brain enhancing foods, getting enough continuous sleep, exercising and taking much needed breaks. Many schools are forcing the children to start school at 0630 till 1900 at night, on weekends as well as extra classes on top.

What education officials fail to realize is that learning becomes ineffective at this rate. All of this is being done because of the high matriculation failure rate, however this is just reaffirming failure. If teachers cannot teach the curriculum between 0700-1500, then something is wrong with the teacher or the curriculum. Extending the hours just causes fatigue.

We are encouraging children to maximize their learning with the time they have and to have a balanced approach. Our academic results speak for themselves.