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Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy was identified as one of the biggest issues identified during the originall SWOT Analysis of 2003 by the Home Based Caregivers.

The proportion of women, by the time they are 19yrs of age, who have ever been pregnant is 25%. The teenage (10-19yrs) pregnancy rate is 13.9% of all registered births in 2016, this does not include home births, still births, abortions, unregistered births or miscarriage. The number of deliveries by under 18yr olds in 2016 at medical facilities is only 7.4% and so a large proportion have home births which increases maternal mortality and neonatal mortality.

KTD196 pregnancy rate is 0.07% over 15yrs (10 girls over 15 years) have become pregnant while in our program. We have saved the government over R177million in Child Support Grants they do not have to pay out. This does not include costs associated with 1,796 teenagers attending:

* Antenatal Clinic visits
* Antenatal blood screening
* Antenatal medications
* Nevirapine
* Postnatal Clinic visits
* Tertiary hospital referrals for delivery
* Caesarian Sections - delivery and inpatient costs associated with a child giving birth
* Neonatal ICU for the baby
* Follow up Well Baby clinics, Immunizations, sickly children and ongoing hospital admissions for mother and child.
* Management and cost involved for spontaneous abortions
* Management and cost involved for medical abortions