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Rosemary Nkwashu

Rosemary Nkwashu

Hi, I am Rosemary Nkwashu from Sasekani village. I’m working at Keep The Dream organization as a field officer. I have ten troops those need help from me; yes indeed I am helping them.
Before joining scouts I was working as a dress maker. I had worked in different places like in Nkowankowa factories and in Tzaneen at fabric magic.

In 1998 it happens that I lose like anybody else. I was sitting at home working in my house like a house mother. This was not my thin because I was used to waking up early in the morning and going to work.
During that time I was stressed and I told myself that I am useless because my husband had to support me and my child. God is great, in 2000 I became a care giver at choice organization, this was the way God had created or made for me to be in KTD.

I thank God because He made good things for me, before joining scouts or KTD I told myself that I have one child and that was a lie from the devil, God has made many children for me. Everywhere I go now children are calling mama Rose or Mom Rose or mom Nkwashu and because of this I am no longer stressed about having one child.
Now I know that God has good plans for me, I can speak and write English, I can use the computer and I have confidence in myself because I know that I can give change in somebody’s life specially children.
I can stand in front of people and talk with confidence; it is God who made things in KTD. In KTD we bring change to everybody, KTD has taught to teach Journey of Life to indunas, parents and crèche teachers. I am proud of KTD, it changed my life.

Halalala KTD, may God make you a great organization all over the country so that other people like me can change as well.