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Nkensani Mboweni

Nkensani Mboweni

My name is Sevvy Mboweni I come from Burgersdorp Village, I started at KTD196 as a scout in 2005, then I became a Rover in 2012 and then I became a Field Officer with KTD196 in 2016. I love KTD196 because KTD196 helped me know who I am. I am a young lady who is passionate about working with children. I have learnt that my greatest strength is being in the community working with people. Because I am still young my greatest wish to see me as their role model in KTD196 so they can come back and serve others.

 I grew up without parents but through KTD196 I have many mothers and gogo’s. They are always encouraging me and helping me to avoid mistakes. I am also free to talk to them about my own problems without being judged.

Through KTD196 I have been able to travel around South Africa to get more training and experience in different cultures, environments and make new friends.