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Elizabeth Mabuza

Elizabeth Mabuza
Co-Founder and Program Manager

My name is Elizabeth Mabuza and I come from Shiluvane Village. I co-founded Keep The Dream196 in 2003 with Louise Batty. I have 3 daughters who are all involved with KTD196. One is a commissioner, one a rover and one a meerkat in the making.

I love watching kids grow from being teenagers to being young responsible adults. I have had the opportunity to be on Beyond Classroom, Earned, Nhlalala Ya Rixaka and News 24 because of KTD196.

I have learned it takes a community to raise a child, hence I have been very involved with training parents and Induna’s to make sure this happens. Its important that we all look after every child regardless as to blood line.

Being a part of KTD196 I have learnt to its important to give back