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My name is Constance Mpuru I come from Sedan Village and I have been working for KTD196 since 2009 as a volunteer and now I started as a Field Officer in 2011

I am proud of who I am. I have learnt English, computer literacy and I have good self-confidence particularly with training. Because of KTD196 I am writing year 12 matriculation. I love campfire times, singing and dancing and seeing the children have fun.

I am happy because now I am a scout commissioner, I know what I am doing and I love working with kids because now they call me mum Connie and mother of the world. I am proud of my work and I am proud of being part of KTD196.

Every month through KTD196, I was going to Grobblersdal and I visited Talane project, Skilpad, Manzemba and Capricorn side training people on permaculture, training people how to build their own gardens, serve their communities and to save water. This means I am a proper Permaculture trainer.

Now I am friends to animals, we rescued 2kittens and they are growing well before I didn’t like animals. I am happy to be part of this team.