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Annual Report 2012-13

Dear Friends,  

Building Tomorrow Today

2012 has been a year of firsts. For the first time  we have been able to employ 3 Rovers (the third branch of the scouting program who are over 18yrs and therefore young adults) for a period of 6months to add skills
and benefits to the program.

Annual Report 2014

Dear Friends,

Well it is that time of year to reflect on our achievements and challenges in 2014.
For the first time through our partnership with Scouts South Africa we were able
to take over 1,000 children to camp, the theme was environmental education. We
also finished off the Food for Life project supported by National Development
Agency where 250 Scouts completed Gold level. They were able to earn the 3rd
badge in the series but also learnt to sell their produce which in turn supported
their activities in camp.

Annual Report 2009-10

It is amazing to consider this is our third Annual Report for Keep The Dream 196 and we are still maintaining the dream and looking forward to a future which sees the young people of South Africa become what they are destined to be, resilient, engaging, passionate, co-operative leaders.

Annual Report 2010-11

I am sitting at my desk, it is the 23rd February 2011 and I am reminiscing over the last 4 years at how privileged I am to be doing the work I am doing and seeing the differences we are making in the lives of the children we serve.  Through Gods grace the program continues to grow, it is scary because we cannot see an end to this work, the children keep coming, the Dream is continually lifted up and we keep expanding.   I It is amazingt to consider where we have come from…….. literally a dream, to the reality we have now where we see 2,456 children on a weekly basis.

Annual Report 2007

What an amazing start to Keep The Dream 196 we have had.  It’s incredible how God works things together for His glory.  I want to firstly give thanks to HIM for all HE has done and all He is going to do through KTD.

I want to thank Kings Court Christian School; particularly Fred Hoffman and Debbie Kemp for their vision and practical support of the work we are doing. God Bless you!