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Suicide Prevention

Suicide was another issue identified during the SWOT Analysis that broke the caregivers hearts.









South Africa has a teenage suicide rate of 12.7% (according to World Health Organization in 2015). There are 14 suicides daily amongst all ages and races and suicide is the 4th leading cause of death amongst young people in South Africa. The age group of between 10-19yrs of age is the highest risk group for suicide. This is one of the reasons we work with those who are younger, to teach them resilience but also those in this age group are 1:5 more likely to attempt to commit suicide. 34% of Teens think suicide is a viable option regarding problem solving.


Approximately 31.5% of teenagers attempt suicide and need medical treatment. 38.3% of teens feel so hopeless that they sought help or counselling, in the rural areas help is not easily available. Less than 1% of mental health hospital beds are allocated for children and adolescents which means a majority of children who are

depressed and suicidal are treated by untrained staff in general facilities. In 15yrs we have had two attempted suicides, one from a Rover who left the program and went to varsity, got involved in the party scene and was failing in school. When she recovered, after doing a life review, she realised life became unbearable after she left the Children’s program, I am happy to report that she has reinvested into the program and has now

completed her LLB at Turfloop University. The second was a child who, as a pastors daughter, was desperate for her parents attention. Fortunately, this story ended well.