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Project 2 - Enabling Children's Rights

Children's Rights are taught in the context of Children's Responsibilities. Initially, we found that children were using their Rights as weapons against parental authority and as a response KTD196 taught Children's Rights in context (with their responsibilities) with the children and their parents. Our approach looks at upholding and ensuring Children's Rights are realised by themselves, their parents and eventually their communities.

We do this through the following activities:
 Information and awareness training regarding Children's Rights and Responsibility Training (Right to accurateand informed information)
 Information and awareness training regarding accessing Identity Documents and all social services eg social grants, health, education etc

  •  Assistance with the acquisition of legal documents (Right to a name and nationality)
  •  Appropriate referrals for food parcels, establishment of home gardens (Right to food)
  • Appropriate referrals for families or children to Municipality for shelter (Right to shelter)
  • Facilitate Extramural activities - Scouts (Right to play)

Each Scout group has a Court of Honor which means the children are self governing and actively participate in the running of their own program (Right to participate and freedom of expression)
 Training parents in Children's Rights and Responsibilites so they are aware of their responsibilties as Duty
     Bearers this approach is improving communication and family life in their own homes
Training of Induna's (Headmen) in Children's Rights and Child Participation activities to assist the local authorities to listen to children and see children as the answer to the problem and not the problem

Each year we run various campaigns to raise awareness on different issues, for example:

  • - 2008 End Violence Against Children Campaign
  • - 2009-10 Human Trafficking Campaign
  • - 2010-11 Accessing Enabling Documents Campaign
  • - 2011 Some of our children participated in the Yezingane Network cell phone project which gathered information from children about HIV/AIDS & TB (tuberculosis) to be incorporated into the National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS & TB for 2012-2016.
  • - 2011-12 Climate Change Campaign and Food For Life Campaign
  • - 2013 we focussed on Children's Rights. The Scouts taught the cubs, the Rovers taught the Scouts and a lot of fun was had by all.
  • - 2014 Environmental Education Campaign. The children learnt about climate change, bio diversity, alternative fuel sources such as solar and wind power.