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HIV/AIDs Prevention

There are 400,000 new HIV infections (23%) per annum amongst adolescent girls and young women aged between 16-24yrs. Because our children are abstaining from sexual activity the possibility of becoming HIV infected is negligible.

However 23% of 528 girls = 121 (potentially infected by HIV) x R991 (Cost of Antiretroviral alone per year) that is a saving of R120,347 per year. The savings to government in 10years over R1million.

What is also incredibly sad is that some areas where we work the maternal incidence of HIV identified by the clinics is 100% of those women tested.

These savings we have provided government does not include:

* Clinic visits

* Treatment of opportunistic infections

* CD4 and Viral load pathology tests

* Tuberculosis co-infection treatment and management

* Other Sexually Transmitted Infections treatment and management

* Maternal Mortality for pregnant teenagers is 97.7 of 100,000

* Neonatal Mortality for teenage mothers is 34.4 of 100,000

* Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis treatment and management (R200,000 per year)


Keep The Dream196 has trained over 1,500 children in HIV prevention and gender based violence prevention. We also have trained over 150 HIV Peer Educators to share the truth of HIV and to dispel myths that still pervade this society.


What a tragic needless loss of life to families, communities and the nation, but our impact doesn't stop there!