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Future plans | 2018

Future plans | 2018

This report is going to be a bit different in that I need your advice! In the past when we have approached our target I have, under advice from GlobalGiving, just increased the target figure but I have realised that this is probably not fair to our partners because you think we are close and then the goal posts move.

I have two options when we reach our target of $80,000 firstly, I could just increase the target to $90,000 and keep everything the same and there is no issue for those of you who are donating on a monthly basis OR I close off this project and start a fresh one, with the same information just a different project number and new pictures etc. OR I just revamp the current project including and increased target to aim for?

Some of you may realise I have already updated and modified this current project especially in terms of what your donations supply ie kids sponsored in the project, seeds for gardens etc. I have updated because originally the costs were from 6years ago and unfortunately no longer what the costs are today.

So, I am asking if you would be happy for me to just change the target we are aiming, create a new revamped current project or create a whole new look and feel page? Please let me know.

I would also like to know what drew you to us in the first place? Why did you consider supporting us firstly and whats kept you here?

Thank you to you all for your support, advice and direction, I really appreciate the support



ps, just for something different I thought I would let you hear from one of my staff


My name is Sevvy  and I come from Burgersdorp Village.

 I started at KTD196 as one of the children in KTD196 childrens program in 2005. When I turned 18years, then I became a Rover in 2012, finally a Field Officer with KTD196 in 2016.

I love KTD196 because KTD196 helped me know who I am. I am a young lady who is passionate about working with children. I have learnt that my greatest strength is being in the community working with people. Because I am still young my greatest wish is for the children to see me as their role model in KTD196 so they can come back and serve others.

 I grew up without parents but through KTD196 I have many mothers and gogo’s (grannys). They are always encouraging me and helping me to avoid mistakes. I am also free to talk to them about my own problems without being judged.

Through KTD196 I have been able to travel around South Africa to get more training and experience in different cultures, environments and make new friends. Keep The Dream196 enabled me to be who I am, thank you is not enough. As supporters of KTD196 I am your daughter, thank you is still not enough!