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Scouting about Tzaneen #7 | 2012

Scouting about Tzaneen #7 | 2012

2012 is here and we are starting up again with another interest-ing and exciting year. Just to recap on 2011, congratulations to all those who passed year 12last year. Good luck to all the grade 12’s this year with exams, we are proud of you regardless as to the out come.  In 2012, over 200 First Aid In-terest Badges will have been earned. Well done. Climate Change Report for  2011: Congratulations to all thePacks and Troops who partici-pated in the annual challenge. According to Milly Siebrits the CEO of Scouts, Limpopo was the most involved and successful in this program for the whole country. Well done to all. Star Evaluations is a National Award scheme where the Troops, Patrols, Packs and Sixes are assessed using national guide. read more