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Angy Malatji

Angy Malatji

My name is Angy Malatji Rikhotso. I started working at Keep The Dream 196 in August 2010. I never knew that I will get such a warm welcome like I got at KTD 196.

I am always happy at KTD 196 and I enjoy my job. Meeting new friends, learning new ideas and also learning other people’s culture. I am now able to cope in many situations like good relationships with anyone irrespective of color, age and race.

Keep The Dream196 staff, Rosemary is a joker, Constance also has funny jokes, Catherine cool but naughty. We also have Zabe she is like a sister to me, Louise she is like a mother to me.
It is not always work, work, and work. We also have time to support each other in good and bad times; it’s either personal or work related issues. We are always there for each other.

Keep The Dream196 staff make me smile and whistle in all situations.
Working with KTD196 it’s WOW to me!

Viva KTD196 Viva
With love