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Last days of SA winteR

Last days of SA winteR

On behalf of KNH I visited Limpopo partners, on 26/27.08. Keep the Dream 196 was on my agenda. Firstly, we go to a Journey of Life workshop in which 15 mothers of scouts talk about their own childhood and reflect on how they can support their children in having a brighter future. They share about their families and they enjoy playing the games which illustrate the message of the modules. 15 women who are willing to face serious facts, but also who love and laugh and have so much potential.
We move on to a scouts and cubs meeting place. The leader of the scout group could not come as she had to attend a funeral. Nevertheless the kids are waiting and elder child starts organizing games for the younger ones and for their own group. The circumstances have not kept the children from staying on, what energy in each one of them and what longing to be together and to belong.
Then we meet 6 teenie scouts (Cubs), some share their life stories, later I learn that they missed their lunch in order to be in time at the place where they were supposed to meet Louise and myself. Wow!
The next morning we join a climate change fun. The children an youths need to wait in order to enter the next class room in which learners from other schools demonstrate their projects. Again, I am impressed by the patience and the discipline of the children and youths.
Looking back on these two days what l remember best is meeting people and feeling their inner strength despite difficult or traumatic backgrounds. I wish all scouts and staff from KTD 196 all the best. Hold onto God's love to you, keep up your self confidence, it is a gift which can be a blessing to others. You have definitely blessed me, so thank you so much for that".