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ILLEGAL Business

ILLEGAL Business

What is the worlds second largest ILLEGAL Business GLOBALLY Your probably thinking “What on earth am I talking about?” But ask your self the question any way! If you answered Armaments like missiles, tanks, bombs, guns etc you are wrong that is the 3rd largest illegal global business. The second largest ILLEGAL Business GLOBALLY is human trafficking! Shocked? Surprised? Devastated? We should be. Today people become commodities and are trafficked across the globe for a variety of reasons such as: labour; sexual exploitation; soldiers; and organ trafficking. These reasons manifest in different forms: prostitution; sweat shops; coco pickers; child brides; forced begging; and domestic servitude to name a few.

These are some of the numbers in human trafficking:

• 1.2 million children were trafficked in 2000

• At least 12.3 million people are victims of forced labour worldwide.

• Of these 2.4 million are as a result of human trafficking

• 600,000-800,000 men, women and children are trafficked across international borders each year. Approximately 80% are women and girls, and of whom 50% are children, OUR CHILDREN!

Human trafficking in the second largest source of illegal income worldwide exceeded only by drugs trafficking, estimated profits are between $7-10 billion annually. Unlike drugs humans can be sold and resold. So what does that have to do with Keep The Dream196? Well, did you know that 100,000 children from South Africa are expected to disappear for the FIFA WORLD CUP? Most of the children will be taken, solicited, enticed or removed from remote rural area’s such as Limpopo.

KTD196 is creating an awareness campaign through the Scouts Program in collaboration with the 12 Community Based Organizations and 63 Induna’s we currently work with in the Greater Tzaneen Area to raise awareness of this devastating practice. March 21st is Human Rights Day for South Africa. The Scouts of Greater Tzaneen with the assistance of the adult mentioned above will be holding awareness raising campaigns in order to keep the children from their villages safe. We are making sure none of those expected 100,000 children come from our area. How can YOU get involved? There are a number of ways of getting involved with some modern abolitionist groups and here are their websites.

(Click on the highlighted sections to link to the websites) International Organizations: Free the Slaves and their action plan Stop the Traffik and some of their faith resources South Africa: Straatwerk and some of their projects International Organisation for Migration and their research