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Poverty/ Food Security

The proportion of South Africans living in poverty and/or extreme poverty  is 31.6million or 66.6% are living below the poverty line. The most vulnerable are children, females, black people living in rural areas such as Limpopo and Eastern Cape.

KTD196 has trained in excess of 425 Adults in Permaculture practice. Over 425 Households have benefitted from the Food 4 Life project. KTD196 has also established or supported in excess 26 large community gardens with Permaculture training and also small business skills such as cash handling skills, minute taking, agenda  

setting, how to hold a meeting, conflict negotiation, financial policy creation to name a few. KTD196 has alsoassisted 16 large Community Based Garden projects to become established and earning the participants anincome where previously this was not occurring. The produce from these gardens go to local canning companies or to local supermarkets or Johannesburg Central Markets.

In 15yrs over KTD196 has trained in excess of 3,328 children in Food 4 Life Permaculture training. This means in excess of 3,300 households have been able to feed themselves with self-sustaining ermaculture practices. The number is much higher than this as individual children

3 participated outside of formal Food 4 Life projects we have hosted to address Food Security issues. This project runs throughout the year however the children decide when or if they want to participate in the process.