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Annual Report 2014

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Annual Report 2014

Dear Friends,

Well it is that time of year to reflect on our achievements and challenges in 2014.
For the first time through our partnership with Scouts South Africa we were able
to take over 1,000 children to camp, the theme was environmental education. We
also finished off the Food for Life project supported by National Development
Agency where 250 Scouts completed Gold level. They were able to earn the 3rd
badge in the series but also learnt to sell their produce which in turn supported
their activities in camp.

In 2014 we went on the hunt for a farm, which we found nestled between the two largest areas were
we work. We put in an offer which was accepted unfortunately, the banks were not as keen. It is difficult
in this economic climate to prove loan repayment ability and long term sustainability. This of
course is a catch 22 because if we had a farm we could start to produce an income. Without a regular
income we cant prove sustainability. So we rely on God.

In 2014 we attended an information session with a new group of Peace Corp Volunteers, although people
were very keen only a few chose to be a part of KTD196 and Scouts. Of those who were interested
all were removed from our area due to security issues or health reasons which of course was very sad
for them and us. click on the link to read more