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Core Component 3: Raising Awareness

Every year KTD196 is involved in some form of Advocacy and Awareness Raising Activity which is a cross-cutting component of all training given and forms a major portion of empowering children and building resilience by using a Rights Based approach to all services delivered.  

This takes many different forms:

2009 - End Violence Against Children campaign 50 groups of 1,560 children aged between 5-18years joined their voices with other children around the world on the Save The Children’s International Day to End Violence Against Children Campaign. Over 22,000 Petitions were signed demanding an end to Violence Against Children. The petitions were given to 50 different Induna's (community leaders) from the villages where the Troops operated. The children also marched through the streets of the different villages raising awareness regarding the types of violence perpetrated against children. The petitions were then taken to the local Mayor by the Induna's and presented to him.

2010 - Human Trafficking Awareness raising, in preparation for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and in celebration of March 21st HUMAN RIGHTS DAY, Troops and Pack from all over Greater Tzaneen Municipality performed street theatre and raised awareness against HUMAN TRAFFICKING. The children have the support of the Induna's who called community meetings on this day for the children to perform their plays and give their speeches. The children also performed at their local schools to raise awareness of this despicable practice. An overflow of this awareness raising event included caregivers from Lamulani Home Based Care in Mugodeni Grace North doing door to door campaigns educating their villages about trafficking and how vulnerable rural impoverished people are to the promise of a better life.

2011 - KTD196 raised awareness with our 2,006 children and their parents of the importance of having Identity Documents due to the policy changes of Department of Home Affairs.

2012 - KTD196 advocated for and on behalf of 2,259 children in our program at Provincial and National levels through our association with such partners as ACESS, Children's Rights Centre and SANAC (South African National Aids Council) - Children's Sector (Yezingane Network). Children were actively included in the South African National Aids Council’s Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS and STD’s.

2013 - We raised awareness with 2,500 children and their households regarding Climate Change for a 12month period which included: electricity and water audits, conservation of non-renewable energy sources and a Fun Day with science presentations by Merensky High School with over 420 learners participating.

2014 - We focused on Children’s Rights and Responsibilities for a whole year training 2,692 children. Their parents learnt about the importance of Children’s Rights and the role of parents as duty bearers.

2015 - We raised awareness regarding Environmental Education which included a variety of subjects from: biodiversity, pollution, climate change, alternative fuel sources, and electricity audits to name a few.

2016 - Keep The Dream196 implemented the Scouts South Africa program in Limpopo Province and as such we celebrated 100yrs of Cubbing. As part of the Awareness Raising Keep The Dream196 was involved in the Annual Challenge which was celebrating Cubbing in Limpopo.

2017 - Anti bullying campaign was rolled out through Scouts South Africa at the request of KTD196. This program has taught children not only how to prevent being bullied but how to stop others from being bullied. The social climate in schools is becoming increasing adversarial, children are struggling because of threats of violence and robbery. Gangsterism is fast becoming the norm and so programs like ours are ever increasingly essential.

2017 also saw KTD196 celebrating its 10years anniversary. 10years of service to Greater Tzaneen Municipality specifically and Limpopo Province generally. Nearly 600 children came to celebrate at Nkowankowa Stadium for the day and take part in a variety of activities including: games, awards ceremonies, the Mopani Fire Brigade cooled us all down, ER24 presented a mock retrieval while Letaba Game Lodge had wild animals walking around.

2018 - Was a year of raising awareness around Recycling, Reusing and Repurposing which built on previous year’s knowledge regarding climate change.

2019 - We focused on Sustainable Development Goals and Gender Based Violence. Although our children are considered impoverished and coming from an impoverished area the children learnt about the impact of poverty. The scouts particularly realized that they are not that poor and that it is a mentality they have, now they are thinking about ideas they can do to help children in extreme poverty including fundraising as troops in order to help other children.

Gender Based Violence is fast becoming the most dangerous and prolific crime in South Africa. KTD196 held a Color Run and toy-toyed through the streets of Burgersdorp with 350 children and parents demanding an end to violence.