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Core Component 3: Raising Awareness

Advocacy and Awareness Raising Activities regarding children is a cross-cutting component of all training given and forms a major portion of empowering children and building resilience by using a Rights Based approach to all services delivered.  This takes many different forms, for example on October 20th 2008 50 Troops, 1,300 children aged between 5-18years joined their voices with other children around the world on the Save The Children International Day to End Violence Against Children Campaign. Over 22,000 petitions demanding an end to Violence Against Children were given to 50 different Induna's (community leaders) from the villages where the Troops operated. The children also marched through the streets of the different villages raising awareness regarding the types of violence perpetrated against children. The petitions were then taken to the local Mayor by the Induna's and presented to him.  Another example is in preparation for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and in celebration of March 21st HUMAN RIGHTS DAY, Troops and Pack from all over Greater Tzaneen Municipality performed street theatre and raised awareness against HUMAN TRAFFICKING. The children have the support of the Induna's who called community meetings on this day for the children to perform their plays and give their speeches. The children also performed at their local schools to raise awareness of this despicable practice. An overflow of this awareness raising event included caregivers from Lamulani Home Based Care in Mugodeni Grace North doing door to door campaigns educating their villages about trafficking and how vulnerable rural impoverished people are to the promise of a better life.

For more information please check out the BLOG section for what you can do to stop Human Trafficking.

In 2011, we raised awareness amongst all of our Cubs, Scouts and Rovers regarding the importance of accessing ID documents due to the changes in Home Affairs policy coming into effect Jan 2012. As are result of our awarenss raising, which is also linked to Children's Rights (every child has the right to an identity), only 4 children do not currently have birth certificates because of neglect related issues which we are assisting to resolve. 24 other children are not eligable for South African Identity Documents as they are from another country.  KTD196 also advocates for children at Provincial and National levels through our association with such partners as ACESS, Children's Rights Centre and SANAC - Children's Sector (Yezingane Network).  Through our work with ACESS over the last 6years we have supported the call for an increase in the Child Support Grant and a lifting of the age limit to 18yrs. This is extremely important given that 99.98% of our children receive this grant and it makes a difference between chronic illness and long term good health by providing food for the family. Another example is promoting accessing ID documents for all ages with the Cubs and Scouts to ensure they can access their legal rights to free education, health services and social services.

Through our work with Yezingane we have had direct input to the Children's Sector submission for the new National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS & TB in South Africa due for release on World Aids Day 1st Dec 2011. This plan will be in force for 5years. Check out the document "Children have a say" regarding input by some children we work with regarding their HIV treatment and access to treatment and the stigma and discrimination they face from insensitive uncaring adults every day of their lives.