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Voice of The Child

Voice of Child

This is were the kids get to share their journeys of development through the work we do! Being a cub instructor was the most rewarding job ever. Cubs are little children that meet once a week to learn, have fun and create friendship; the children are from the ages of 7-11 years. Children at this age are very hyperactive and demand a lot of attention from the instructor, that’s when I discovered the passion that I have for children. It helped to see that children need to be heard that’s all they want, they have a need to learn. I was a very impatient person when it came to children because I failed to understand why they were so slow until I became one of the cub instructors and learnt that children have a lot of potential all they need is the proper guidance and someone to lean on and encourage them to do the best when it comes to the work that they do. Children have a thirst to learn; they are free spirited and have a lot of energy that they need to put into good use. When I was a cub instructor I found out that children are the future leaders and yet as adults we tend to limit their abilities and don’t believe in them and that they cant make it.