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Catherine Tiva

Catherine Tiva

Hi my name is Catherine Tiva,
I come from Burgersdorp village and I have been working with Keep The Dream196 since 2009. I
enjoy being naughty to my co-workers.
I've learnt a lot about working with children, my own self-development as well, I have improved in
English, computer literacy and writing my own programs for the children. I now have confidence
talking to children, parents and teachers.
I love my job because I get to be with kids, I enjoy exercising and going camping. I love meeting
people from different nations, different language and different cultures. I love seeing the kids
change their negative behaviours to become good citizens.
Through KTD196 I have had the opportunity to host international volunteers in my home and to
learn from them. I now have friends in other countries.
KTD196 does not treat me as an employee but as a family member. They also build me physically,
mentally and emotionally. I no longer cry when I see children in crisis but now I can offer real help.