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Submitted by Webmaster on Mon, 08/27/2018 - 08:21

My name is Asanda I am 16yrs old and I come from Mhangweni village. Before joining KTD196 program that runs scouts. I used to be a very lonely person. I can tell I was theshyest of the all. I used to tell myself that my shyness was caused by the fact that I was the only kid at home, the fact that I was used to spending most of my time with no sister or brother. I found it very very hard to make friends. I didn’t like spending time with people and enjoyed my own
company. I found it very hard to interact with other kids and honestly I was lonely. After joining KTD196 program I found sisters and brother most importantly I found true friends.People whom will forever have a special place in my heart for I know they are true friends. I now enjoy spending time with other people and enjoy their company. I totally lost the shyness I had before. I am no longer lonely for I have a family (Keep The Dream196).
KTD196 did not only help me in making fiends but also helped me realise the kind of career I am so keep to pursue. The first aid lessons made me realise that I love, like enjoy and good in this stuff. That why I want to pursue a career in medicine and be a “General Surgeon” or “Theatre Specialist”.
KTD196 is the best.