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Katlego Malatji

Submitted by Webmaster on Mon, 08/20/2018 - 08:17

My name is Katlego from Mhangweni village and I am doing grade 12. I’ve been in scouts for yrs. I joined scouts just for fun because when I joined scouts I was 12 years old and I liked the games they were playing but then there was a lot to learn. Before I joined Keep The Dream106, I was a naughty boys who disrespected his parents and siblings. I never listened to what they used to tell me or instructed me to do because of that I was feeling as if I was older than them. My parents tried to call family meetings and church pastor for me but then failed them.

The reason I did all such things was that I wanted to please my friends. I had no respect for the environment and how to take care of it. At school I used to disobey my teachers and also didn’t do my school work and I hated people with not reason, I had no respect anyone. I violated people’s rights. After I've been part of Keep The Dream196 there were so many changes in my life. Keep The Dream19 taught me how to take care of the environment; how to respect people and even scout law no5 states that “a scout is courteous”. I now know how to obey my parents and school teachers. The first time they introduced the laws to me I couldn’t follow them because they were difficult to me. I had this positive thought that I have to do my best to follow them and I had patience while doing so.

Now I am a transformed person, I know what is right and what is wrong; I treat everyone equal because a scout is a friend to all and brother to every other scout. I remember the Keep The Dream196 took me to training called PLTU, I had an accident where my arm was broken so KTD196 showed me love and support, they helped me in each step I came across until my arm was better, there is no way in which I can depart from this program because there are so many good things they teach. Grow big Keep The Dream196, I love you and your team!